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Teknokeys was established in 2013 in Yemen to provide IT solution, Graphic Design and Consultation and security assessments, ISO27001 experienced players in the IT industry . Our best-of-breed approach allows us to maximize productivity and keep risks to an absolute minimum. Teknokeys provide dynamic services and specialized IT support and are committed to providing comprehensive solutions


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Bassam Abdel Wahab


One of the best companies I have dealt with. They are top of the line ethics, flexibility, punctuality, and best of all their clean work

Rifaat Al-Hajj

Kuraimi Bank

We had the pleasure of dealing with Technokes, great efficiency and getting the work done in a fast schedule. All the best to you

Hassan Al Masawi

Golden HAWK

Our business association with Technokes has given us a unique and successful business. Great team and successful management. Best wishes to Technokes

Lina Al-Eryani


Unusual graphic designs and animations, fast delivery and achievements, perfect management

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Information security is responsible for securing important information and data exchanged over the internet from risks and viral attacks that pose a threat to your organization's information and systems.

Penetration testing is an important method through which you can assess the security of a computer system and identify vulnerabilities that may arise from internet connectivity. It tests the network's ability to detect attacks and provide rapid solutions. Penetration testers use various technical means to help them detect incoming attacks and how to respond to and mitigate them


Consultation & Compliances

Teknokeys offers consulting services in various fields, including ISO standards, compliance regulations, and policies. Additionally, we provide technological solutions to help clients create advanced technological environments. Don't hesitate to contact us for consultancy services.

Consultation & Compliances

IT Solutions

IT Solutions Service is one of the multiple services offered by Teknokeys to companies and institutions in the field of technology and IT support.

We provide IT support services, including IT assistance, network operations center support, software support, and all aspects of technology-related work for the company's computer systems.

The importance of these solutions lies in improving the company's performance and increasing its efficiency through effective IT support that enhances the company's productivity and fosters communication between customers and partners within the organization

IT Solutions

Web and Mobile Applications

Teknokeys builds applications and websites. Integrated with Business Solutions on Any mobile device, Our area of expertise covers all major mobile phone platforms iOS, Android and, We used different programing language for development

Web and Mobile Applications


Wireless Network Security Assessment

The wireless network security is assessed, and potential attacks are identified in order to enhance security systems and deter any harmful attacks

Penetration testing

This service is conducted in an ethical and legal manner to discover potential attacks and assess your company's security systems' ability to defend against them

training programs

We provide training programs to educate employees on how to swiftly deal with any malicious attacks to prevent harm to your company's systems and data

Providing detailed reports

After completing the examination process, identifying the damage, enhancing security systems, and addressing vulnerabilities that were compromised, detailed reports are prepared on the extent of the damage that occurred to your company's systems

Why Us

Our expertise in information security and penetration testing

We at teknokeys have extensive experience in the field of information security and penetration testing. We have a team specialized in hunting down malicious attacks, dealing with them quickly and effectively, and preserving your company’s important information and data.

advantages of choosing Teknokeys for information security and penetration testing

You can list the benefits of information security, such as improving security levels, and others. Our company possesses many advantages that have made it the strongest and most suitable in this field, providing you with: Enhancing the level and efficiency of your company's security systems. Swift and effective response to any attacks or intrusions. Utilizing effective tools and techniques to combat malicious attacks.

methods we use to conduct penetration testing

We gather vital info about the target systems, using it to plan effective exploitation strategies. We may employ specialized penetration testing tools to understand potential attacks better. Then, we conduct security scans, pinpointing system weaknesses. Next, we simulate attacker actions, striving to access privileged areas and devise optimal strategies


What is the importance of penetration testing?

This test ensures that your company's data is protected, that any malicious threats and attacks are identified, and that it helps keep your online business running quickly and efficiently and ensure the stability of your online business.

Causes of malicious data breaches?

The causes of malicious hacking operations are due to the expiration of the security systems installed on the computer, the installation of malicious software on the computer, the use of an unsafe network or website, or the company’s data being hacked.

How can I request the service?

Contact Teknokeys Company through our available numbers, and you can visit the nearest branches of the company and learn about our constantly available services and offers.

How do you protect your data from hacking?

You can protect your organization's data by installing anti-virus and anti-malware software, as these programs periodically scan the information received from the devices and protect it from any external virus or spyware attack, and adopt a backup mode for important information to benefit from it in any viral confrontation.

?What are the main types of penetration testing offered by Teknokeys

Teknokeys provides several different types of penetration testing based on your company's needs. The first type is vulnerability testing, which focuses on detecting harmful vulnerabilities affecting the company's systems and applications and assessing their severity. The second type is cybercrime testing, specific to cybersecurity. It involves uncovering any unauthorized actions or activities within your network and addressing them firmly.


Providing technological solutions

It provides you with the best strategic solutions that help you work on an advanced technological system

Providing consulting services

We offer specialized technical consulting services to help you address problems and challenges.

Offering specialized application consulting services

We strive to provide continuous development and maintenance for web and mobile applications

Why Us

Our expertise

Teknokeys is considered one of the leading companies in the field of mobile and web applications. We have extensive experience in providing the latest technologies for mobile and web development, such as electronic application programming. We offer technical solutions to help you manage your business, provide technical consulting services to address your company's system challenges, and create successful and advanced Android and iOS applications. We also specialize in professional website design

The advantages of Teknokeys in mobile and web application consulting.

Our consultancy excels in easy service delivery, covering advanced mobile app development, original Android app creation, and strategic tech solutions for improved user experience. We also develop original iOS apps and offer a range of consultancy services


Why is Teknokeys the best choice for consulting in mobile app design and development?

It is considered one of the best companies that provide mobile app design and development services. The company has a team of experts and engineers in this field who offer you everything that is new and advanced in the world of mobile and web applications, and it is executed easily and quickly.

What are the sections of our mobile and web applications?

We provide all services related to mobile and web applications, and among the prominent sections we offer are: Gaming Applications. Educational Applications. E-commerce Applications. Utility Applications. Medical Applications. Advanced Imaging Applications

Why Choose Consultation Services with Teknokeys?

Mobile and web applications are a fundamental factor in large companies. That's why we provide you with the best consultancy services tailored to your mobile and web application needs. We offer technical and technological solutions for computer systems in addition to our comprehensive consultancy services related to your company's data network programming


Technology and Strategic Planning Experts

You receive this service as part of your monthly subscription, where experts provide the necessary technical advice and strategic planning

Security Management

This involves protection against cyberattacks and maintaining the security of computers and mobile devices to prevent any breaches

Data Management

It includes managing, preserving, and recovering data and databases in ways that ensure their security and integrity

Information Security

It focuses on protecting data and systems from cyber threats and implementing security strategies

Anti-Malware Solutions

These include anti-virus software and help provide quick and effective solutions in case of malware attacks

Technical Support Service

A specialized support team handles technical issues faced by users efficiently and promptly.

Continuous Monitoring and Automated Maintenance

This involves specialized tools and systems that continuously monitor the IT environment to resolve any issues

Continuous Training Programs

We offer courses and training programs for employees to equip them with the skills to respond swiftly to any threat to the company

Why Us

Our expertise in IT solutions

Our company, Teknokeys, has extensive experience in the field of Information Technology solutions and providing the necessary support to businesses

Our team

We have a team of technical experts who provide fast and effective strategic solutions, in addition to computer systems management

Our Mission

In addition, we can add a distinctive mark and achieve effective success for your company. We aim to be ranked among the top 100 companies for Information Technology services.

The competitive advantages that make you choose Teknokeys over others

Teknokeys has many advantages that make it a strong competitor among other companies in the same field. Among the unique advantages we offer: Helping increase company productivity. Enhancing the efficiency of technological systems in your organization. Providing quick and effective solutions. Our technical support team is responsive to your inquiries. Professional development and design of websites and mobile applications


How does the use of information technology, communication, and information security evolve?

Recent advancements in the field of information technology have brought about continuous and noticeable changes in the process of transmitting information across networks, computer devices, linking the company's automation systems, and developing methods for producing, storing, and distributing important information. In this context, the processes of communication and information security play a crucial role in safeguarding information to ensure its continuous utility

How can I request the service?

All you need to do is contact Teknokeys, and our specialized technical support team will respond to you, explaining our services and ongoing offers.

What is meant by using information technology?

Information technology is a set of tools and processes used to gather, process, securely store, analyze, and continuously retrieve information within information systems, ensuring their protection against any malicious attacks


The service of mobile and web applications

Teknokeys offers a variety of services in mobile and web application development, including the development of mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms

The technologies we use

At Teknokeys, we strive to utilize the latest technologies in web and mobile app development, including various programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Web Application Development

Developing applications across the core systems of iOS and Android without altering any programming instructions. Contact us at Teknokeys and specify your requests regarding the web or mobile application you want to create

Why Us

security measures

The client is seeking security to safeguard important data, and we provide the necessary protection against potential intrusion attacks, ensuring complete confidentiality of customer data

display features

For any application to spread and reach a large number of users, it must be smooth and user-friendly. We provide software features in an easy and straightforward manner that encourages users to use the application

alert factor

To activate the alert feature so that your customers can benefit from the offers and discounts your company is providing, you need to enable the alert feature and send it to a large list of your customers to take advantage of the offers

delivery of your services

The ability to integrate your application with the best shipping companies to ensure the secure and fast delivery of your services to customers. This helps maintain the credibility of your business and ensures timely delivery of your services

payment methods

We offer multiple payment methods to accommodate the customer's preferences, making the buying and selling process easy. This ensures that the customer doesn't get tired of visiting your application and enjoys a convenient shopping experience

marketing consultations

We provide marketing, technical, and specialized consulting services that help you achieve the best application. We also assist you in solving any problems or challenges you may encounter when using the application


What is the difference between web applications and mobile applications?

Mobile apps are faster, offer more functionality, and need downloads from app stores. Web apps run in browsers without downloads. Mobile apps are easier to create with developer tools but are costlier.

What is web and mobile app development?

Web and mobile app development refers to the process of creating software applications that are easily accessible and usable, whether from a computer or a mobile device. These applications are built using advanced technologies.

Which is better for your project, a mobile app or a website?

Mobile apps help increase sales and profits, as websites have several drawbacks, including the inability for users to use the shopping cart without creating an account. Additionally, apps spread more quickly and easily, making app usage the optimal and more suitable solution

?How can I request mobile and web applications from Teknokeys company

You can submit a request to Teknokeys Solutions for creating mobile and web applications using the latest technologies. All you need to do is contact the company, and they will respond to you through a customer service team that awaits your calls and inquiries throughout the day